Dumpster Garden

We all know that food gives us life. But we all too often forget that food is itself alive. Fruits are not just inert orbs piled high in the produce section. They are plant ovaries – the swollen, seed-bearing bases of plants’ female flowers – which deliciously bring forth the next generation. Vegetables, too, are also quite alive after harvest. As the roots, stems, leaves, and other parts of plants, many of the vegetables we bring home can be planted to generate new edible life. And so we have planted a variety of past-prime veggies and herbs, both indoors and out. This siphoning from dumpster to garden is both practical and spiritual. We learn plant cycles and understand what it takes to help them grow. We reconnect to the truth that life is unrelentingly born from dirt and decay, season after season. We develop a reverence for the greenery surrounding us, and commit ourselves to stewarding it.


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